Moist Heat W- Microbeads Microwavable- Standard


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Standard Pad * He Microbeads Have Been Stitched Into A Soft Fabric That Is Designed To Allow For The Maximum Release Of Moisture * It Is Shaped To Fit Your Contours Offering The Most Effective Moist Heat Relief * Increases Blood Flow & Additional Oxygen * Provides Relief From Pain * The Application Of Moist Heat Is Especially Useful Treating Muscle Spasms From Strain And Tension * Also Reduces Pain In Non Acute Injuries Such As Stiffness Arthritis Pain Headaches Back Or Neck Pain * Why Microbeads * Moist Heat Has Been Considered Much Superior As It Transfers The Heat Deeper And Quicker Into Tissue Than Ordinary Heat * These Amazing Microbead Represents A Major Development In Moist Heat Using The Convenience Of A Microwave Oven Without The Hassle Of Wires Or Added Water * Unlike Heat Therapy Products That Are Made Of Gel Liquid Or Wheat Microbeads Will Not Rupture Leak Or Dry Out * When Heated In The Microwave Microbeads Release Their Retained Moisture Providing Pain Relieving Therapeutic Moist Heat * Once Treatment Is Complete Microbeads Will Absorb Moisture Back From The Air Making Them Ready To Be Used Again *

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