24-7 Plantar Fasciitis Brace


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Helps Relieve Foot & Heel Pain Day & Night * Plantar Fasciitis Is One Of The Most Common Foot Problems * Overuse Injury Caused By The Tissue That Runs Along The Bottom Of The Foot (plantar Fascia) Becoming Inflamed Resulting In Pain When Standing * Night Splint: Helps Relieve Morning Foot Pain By Stretching The Plantar Fascia * Recent Studies Suggest An 80%-90% Success Rate For Night Splints In Treating Plantar Fasciitis * Helps Keep Foot In Neutral Position During Sleep/rest * Allows For Occasional Flexing Of Foot During Use * Day Arch Brace: Increases Comfort While Standing & Walking. Lifts The Plantar Fascia To Distribute Pressure More Evenly. Lightweight Comfortable Support.

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