3m Littman Master Classic Veterinary Stethoscope


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A Tunable Diaphragm Allows The User To Conveniently Alternate Between The Low- And High-frequency Sounds Without Turning Over The Chestpiece * Portable Convenience Of Single-sided Chestpiece * High-performance Single-lumen Tubing For Excellent Acoustic Performance In A Range Of Attractive Colors * Excellent Acoustic Seal And Comfortable Fit With Patented 3m Littmann Snap Tight Soft-sealing Eartips * Comfortably Angled Anatomically Correct Headset * Used As A Diagnostic Aid As Part Of The Physical Assessment Of A Patient * 32 Inch (81.3cm) * Single-sided Chestpiece * Navy Blue Tube * # Patient-friendly Nonchill Rim And Diaphragm. # Three-year Warranty

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