Biofreeze – 1 Gallon Professional Version


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1 Gallon (128oz) * The New And Improved Biofreeze Formula Is Now More Natural Than Ever Yet As Effective On Pain As The Original Biofreeze * How Is Biofreeze New And Improved?: First We Made The New Formula More Natural By Adding An Enhanced Botanical Blend And Removing The Paraben And Propylene Glycol. Next We Added Two New Effective Skin Conditioners So It Applies Easier And Penetrates Quickly. And Finally We Created A Colorless Option For Patients And Practitioners Who Prefer That. * Biofreeze Is 100% Paraben-free * A Unique Effective Analgesic Formulated To Provide A Variety Of Benefits For Therapy Comfort Pain Relief And Exercise / Training * Biofreeze Can Enhance Ultrasound Treatments Massage Therapy Electric Muscle And Nerve Stimulation Home Therapy And Athletic Rehabilitation * Greaseless And Non-staining With Vanishing Scent

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