Blue Jay Foot Stabilizer Small Fits Men’s 5 1-2-7- Wm 6-1-2-9


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Hcpc Code: L1902 * Small Fits Men’s Shoe Size 5.5-7 And Women’s Shoe Size 6.5-9 * Thermal Advanced Support Foot Stabilizer For Sports Injuries Arthritis And Repetitive Strains * Provides Light But Firm Compression To Counteract Tissue Swelling * Provides Enhanced Therapy And Support For Acute And Chronic Mid Foot Injuries * An Alternative To Taping Casts And Walking Boots Used In Immobilization * Fits Comfortably Into A Shoe Adjustable And Easy To Apply * Exclusive 3 Dimensional Lining That Provides Insulation And Wicking Of Moisture Via Air Circulation * Color: Black

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