Comfort Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Blue Jay Brand


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**this Item Will Not Be In Stock Until June 15th – Please Use Item #jb8311 Or Mq3200 As Immediate Alternatives** Deluxe Portable Non Invasive Spot-check Of Oxygen Saturation Of Arterial Hemoglobin (spo2) And Pulse Rate Of Adult And Pediatric Patient At Home And In Clinical Settings (not For Continuous Monitoring) * Finger Range From Adult To Pediatric * Large And Bright Digital Led One Way Display * Rubber Internal Coating Provides A Comfortable Finger Tip Holding Chamber * Displays Sp02 Pulse Rate And Pulse Bar * Automatically Powers Off When Not In Use * Battery Low Indicator * Uses Two Aaa Batteries (can Be Continuously Operated For 30 Hours) * Clear Rubber Boot Included * No Prescription Required * 1 Year Limited Warranty *

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