First Aid Kit Class B By Blue Jay


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Unitized First Aid Kits Stay Neat And Organized Fitting Tight To Prevent Shifting. * Contents Are Individually Boxed Color Coded And Packaged. * Single-use Packaging Ensures Uncontaminated Product For Treating Injuries * Kit Contents / Quantity: Certi-strips – Plastic: 16/unit Certl-gauze Rolls: 2/unit Certi-gauze Roll: 1/unit Triangular Bandage – W/pins: 3/unit Certi-gauze Pads: 4/unit Antiseptic Towelettes: 10/unit Hand Sanitizer: 10/unit Certi-tape: 2/unit Eye Pads-4 & Certi-tape-4: 8/unit Tourniquet & Scissors & Forceps: 3/unit Gloves – Nitrile- Powder Free: 2/pair Certi-sporyn- Antibiotic Cream: 25/box Certi-burn Cream: 25/box Protector- Plastic Bag: 1 Cold Pack – Certi-cool Junior: 1 Water Jel Burn Dressing: 1 Eye Wash: 1 Trauma Pad – Compress: 1 Sam Splint: 1 First Aid Facts Guide: 1 * Meets Or Exceeds Ansi Standard Z308.1-2015* Class B 36 *

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