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Guardian Alert 911can Be Worn Around The Neck Clipped On A Belt Or Carried In A Pocket At All Times * To Avoid Accidental Activation The Blue Activator Button Is Recessed And Must Be Pressed For A Minimum Of 2 Seconds To Initiate A Call * Freedomalert Offers The Ability To Summon Assistance At Any Given Time With A Simple Push Of A Button * Freedomalert Is The First Product Ever To Allow You Instant 2-way Speaker Phone Communication Through Your Mini Wearable Pendant To Family Friends Or Neighbors At Any Given Time From Anywhere In Or Around The Home * If Your Programmed Contacts Are Unreachable At The Moment-the System Can Default To Contact 911 Emergency Operator * Whether You Are Checking In With A Friend Need Some Quick Help From A Neighbor Or In A Full Blown Emergency Your Freedomalert Pendant Will Allow You To Communicate Your Message Instantly And Efficiently From Within 600 Feet Of Your Base Station * This Is Not A Cellular Phone * Up To 4 User Programmable Contacts To Call Anytime * It Is Water Resistant And The Pendant Allows You To Summon Help Even If You Are In The Shower Where Seniors Are Most Prone To Accidents * Voice Prompted System Annouces Activation During Dialiing Battery Test And Full System Check * System Has 24 Hour Standby Battery Power * Fully Portable For Use In Any Home With A Regular Phone Line * Base Has Built-in 24 Hour Rechargeable Battery Backup System * A Total Of Up To 4 Pendants And Emergency Wall Communicators Can Be Set To Work With One System. * Active Landline Required(pots Volp And Dsl). *

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