Goniometer 12 Absolute+axis Hi-res


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12 Absolute + Axis * 1 Each * The Absolute+axis (aa) Goniometer Removes The Assume And Eyeball By Establishing A True Vertical Or Horizontal * The Absolute+axis (aa) Goniometer Removes Measurement Variability And Allows The Practitioner To Concentrate On Correct Placement Of The Other Goniometer Arm And The Patients Body Position * The Integral Absolute Vertical And Horizontal Levels Are Permanently Incorporated Into Both The Aa Baseline (2-color) 12 Inch And Baseline * Some Measurements The Aa Goniometer Is Designed To Improve Are: Shoulder And Hip Rotation (internal External) Cervical Flexion Extension Rotation And Side Bending; Hamstring Flexibility; And Active Rom *

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