Heat And Massage Option For Golden Tech Lift Chairs


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Deluxe Heat And Massage: * Enhance Your Lift Chair With Warming Heat And A Deep Massage * Available On All Models Except Pr-200 Experience This Luxurious New Massage System Featuring: Dozens Of Massage Settings Covering Three Different Massage Zones: Shoulders Lumbar And Seat * Four Massage Motors Provide Relief To Stiff Tired And Strained * Muscles * 15 And 30 Minute Massage * Timers * Activate Any Or All Of The Three Massage Zones While In Wave Or Pulse Massage Settings * Independent Adjustable Massage Intensity And Speed Settings * Relax With Soothing Low And High Penetrating Heat: * Independent 30 Minute Heat Timer * Soothe Back Muscles With Our Warming Heat System * Low And High Heat Settings

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