Hydrolift Whirlpool 10 Gallon Mobile


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The Hydrolift Is The Perfect Apparatus For Raising And Lowering A Single Whirlpool To Treat Lower And/or Upper Extremities; In Addition The Fully Adjustable Hydrolift Can Raise The Whirlpool Rim Up To 36 Inches Depending On The Model. In Normal Operating Conditions The Hydrolift Will Remain Stationary * However For Adaptable Mobility Both The Hydrolift And Whirlpool May Be Moved By Lowering The Whirlpool To The Floor And Using The Whirlpool Casters. This Model Features A 10 Gallon Podiatry Whirlpool Product Details * Legacy Model: 304 * Brand: Hydrolift * Appropriate For: Podiatry Hand Therapy Athletic Trainer Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Chiropractic Long Term Care * Capacity In Liquid Volume: 10 Gallons * Body Treatment Location(s): Arm Elbow & Leg Calf * Internal Length: 22 * Internal Width: 13 * Internal Depth: 12

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