Ice It! Headache &migraine Kit


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Headaches Are Personal And Vary Greatly * Finally A Drug-free Approach To Headaches That Can Be Personalized For The User * Kit Contains The Following: -one Plush Insulated Head Wrap With Hook And Loop Closure Tab -one Eye Wrap With Adjustable Strap Allows For Versatile Use -three 3 X 8 Soft Cool/heat Packs Cool/heat Packs Stay Soft And Flexible Even When Frozen * Head Wrap Delivers Convenient Cold And Hot Therapy With A Gentle Adjustable Compression * Head Wrap Allows Freedom Of Movement While Holding Reusable Cool/heat Packs Securely On The Targeted Area * It Is Important To Know What Type Of Headache You Have And Its Trigger * Cold Therapy Makes Your Blood Vessels Constrict And Calms Inflammation * This Can Reduce The Pressure In Your Head Which Will Ease Your Pain * Cold Compresses Also Have A Natural Numbing Effect * Heat Therapy Compresses Will Relax Your Muscles * If Your Headaches Are Caused By Tension In The Jaw Neck Or Shoulders Applying Heat Relaxes Tight Muscles And Eases Your Pain * Heat Tends To Relax You All Over Which Can Help To Manage Stress As Well

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