Imak Active Gloves Large (pair)


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The Imak Active Gloves Help Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle By Relieving Aches Pains And Stiffness Associated With Hand Pain * The Unique Design Provides Mild Compression For Warmth And Helps Increase Circulation And Promote Healing * Active Gloves Are Made Of A Soft Breathable Cotton Material * Open Fingertips And Anti-slip Design Allow Full Freedom To Feel Touch And Grip All Day * Provides Mild Compression To Enhance Blood Circulation * Open Fingertips Allow Freedom To Feel Touch And Grip * Cotton Material Allows Skin To Breathe And Keeps Hands Dry * Comfortable All Day And Night * Anti-slip Design On Fingers And Palm Provides Excellent Grip

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Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 5.00 × 4.00 × 2.00 in



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