Jobst Ulcercare Liners Medium Pk-3

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Compression Liners Only * Medium * Ankle 9 – 10.5 Calf 14 -17.3 * 3 Each * Provides Superior Clinical Effectiveness In The Management Of Venous Leg Ulcers With A Simple 2 Part System * The Gradient Compression Is Provided By The Combination Of The Compression Liner And Therapeutic Stocking Increasing Venous Return And Helping To Manage Edema * Continued Use Provides Clinically Recommended Level Of Compression 40 Mmhg To Help Prevent Recurrence * Zipper And Pull In Stocking Assists In Donning * Provides Nomonal Compression Of 40 Mmhg When The Medical Stocking With The Zipper Is Worn Over The Compression Liner * Promotes Normal Lifestyle – Regular Clothing Bathing And Footwear * A Cost-effective Choice Jobst Ulcercare Stockings Can Minimize The Nursing Care Time Per Patient Per Visit * Easy Convenient-to-use These Stockings Are Designed For Maximum Patient Compliance * Ready-to-wear Therapeutic Gradient Compression System * Four Convenient Sizes Available *

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