Jobst Ultrasheer 8-15 Knee-hi Silky Beige 9 – 11 Shoe Size


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Knee High * Natural * Large * Shoe Size 9.5- 11 * 8-15 Mmhg * With Over 50 Years Experience In Compression Therapy Jobst Is The Market Leader * Jobst Makes Your Legs Look As Good As They Feel! * Provides Relief From Tired Aching Legs * Reduces Mild Swelling * Helps Improve Circulation * Provides Continuous Relief From Tired Aching Legs And Mild Swelling * Use Gradient Technology To Help Improve Circulation And Revitalize Your Legs Especially When Sitting Or Standing For Long Periods Of Time * Styles Available Are Knee High Pantyhose And Thigh High Ultrasheer Knee-high * The Perfect Hosiery For Any Casual Work Or Elegant Occasions; As Sheer As Fine Fashion Hosiery Yet Incredibly Durable * Fine Yarns For A Sheer Look * Wide Comfortable Band That Helps Keep Hosiery Up * Sheer Heel And Reinforced Toe For Added Durability *

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