Knee Pillow Memory Foam


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Ergonomically Designed To Provide Ideal Spinal Alignment To Help Reduce Lower Back Leg Hip Ankle Or Joint Pain * Sleeping Or Sitting Can Be Difficult For Those With Back Leg Hip Or Joint Pain * A Knee Pillow When Placed Between The Legs Keeps Your Legs Hips And Spine Parallel And Aligned* This Results In Improved Circulation And Decreased Pressure And Strain On Those Areas * The High Quality Memory Foam Reacts Fast To Provide Instant Relief And Comfort And Provides Slow Memory Foam Recovery For Longer Support * The Removable Soft Polyester And Rayon Cover Zips Off Easily For Machine Washing * Hypo-allergenic * 10 1/2 L X 8 W X 7 3/4 H *

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