Miami J Select Collar Universal (each)


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The Miami J Select Cervical Collar By Ssur Offers The Widest Range Of Height Adjustability In The Market With A Single Universal Design That Replicates The Comfort Immobilization And Quality You Expect From A Miami J Product * Featuring A Patented First-to-market Locking Mechanism To Encourage Patient Compliance And Anti-microbial Sorbatex Padding * Miami J Select Is Designed To Support Successful Patient Outcomes * Easy Height Adjustability With A Tamper-proof Locking Mechanism ‘left To Lock? * Anti-microbial & Biocompatible Sorbatex Padding Prevents Bacterial Build-up * Universal Design That Doesn?t Compromise Immobilization Or Comfort * 7 Precise Fitting Sizes With Opportunity To Fine-tune * Miami J Inspired Chin Tray * One-piece Anatomically Inspired Collar Back With Flex Edge Designed To Reduce Occipital Pressure * Easy To Don And Doff With Patented Reproducible Fit Option * Intuitive Blue Patient Touch-points To Send Patients Home With Confidence ? Blue Is You? * Simplified Comfort Adjustments With Integrated And Patented Sternal-relief Dial * Large Tracheal Opening ? Improved Function For Icu Patients * Easy To Clean And Replace Multi-colored Padding * X-ray And Ct Lucent Mr-safe * Compatible With Occian? Back & Miami Jto Accessories * Indications: Situations Requiring Gross Immobilization Of The Cervical Spine These May Include: – Pre- And Post C-spine Surgery – C-spine Precaution For Trauma Patients

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