Neck & Neck Plus Cervical Pillow


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This Versatile Pillow Offers A Choice Of Four Ergonomic Sleeping Options To Provide The Most Comfortable And Supportive Fit * Options For The Best Sleep – Four Different Pillow Sleeping Options To Suit Your Individual Needs Plus Your Choice Of Comfort Foam Or Memory Foam * Memory Foam Pillow – Pleated Memory Foam Side Offers Greater Contoured Support With A High And Low End Providing Two Options For A Comfortable And Supportive Fit * Comfort Foam Pilllow – Peaked Comfort Foam Side Offers A Flatter Surface Providing A Choice Of Two Higher/firmer Sleeping Heights * Optimal Air Circulation – Both Pleated And Peaked Surface Textures Promote Air Circulation Reduce Build-up Of Moisture And Help To Reduce Pressure Points * Includes A Machine-washable Pillow Protector * Medium Support * Great Retail Packaging * Dimensions: 22 X 13 X 5 *

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