Night Splint Body Armor Darco One Size Fits All


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One Size Fits All * Toe Strap Dorsiflexes The 1st Mpj To Provide A Specific And Sustained Stretch To The Plantar Fascia And A Sustained Low Load Stretch To The Flexor Tendons Achilles Tendon And Calf Muscles * Loading The Windlass Mechanism Naturally Brings The Foot/ankle To A Near 90 Degree Angle Thus Eliminating The Lever Effect And The Resulting Pressure On The Apex Of The Ankle * Elastic Connector Ring Allows For Natural Flexion Of The Foot And Toes During Sleep Returning To The Dorsiflexed Position When Muscles Relax * Low Profile Design Allows For Maximum User Comfort And Compliance * Hcpcs Code: L4396

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