Patient Lift Sts W- Medium Sling Weight Cap. 400 Lb.


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Heavy-gauge Steel Construction * Designed To Provide Quick Safe Assistance To Those Who Have Trouble Standing * Unique Ergonomic Foot Pedal Base Opening * 24v Dc Motor Allows Quiet Smooth Operation * Ergonomically Designed Hand Pendant With Pendant Hook * Large Easy To Grip Handles For Easy Maneuvering * Lower Base Height Maximizes Stability And Fits Under Most Beds * Quick Release Removable Foot Platform * Optional Buttock Strap For Patients Requiring Additional Support * Easy Access Emergency Stop Button * Accessory Storage Bag Included For Slings And Charger * Interchangeable Battery Works With Other Lumex Easy Lifts * Maximum Weight Capacity 400 Lb * Floor Clearance: 4 Lifting Range Min. Heigh: 33 Max Height: 68 Overall Length: 40 Overall Width: 26.5 Max Base Width: 37 Min Base 26.5 Motor: 24v Dc

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Dimensions 45.00 × 27.00 × 10.00 in


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