Push-pull Muscle Strength Dyn. Digital 500 Lb.


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Digital (lcd) Readout * 500 Lb * The Heavy-duty Dynamometer Features The Hydraulic System That Is Used In The Industry Accepted Baseline And Jamar Hand Dynamometers And Pinch Gauges * Hydraulic System Ensures Accurate Readings * The Dynamometer Is Much Lighter (1.5 Lb. Vs. 6 Lb.) And Easier To Use Than Spring Push-pull Dynamometers That Are In Common Use Today * Dial Continuously Shows Instantaneous Force And Holds The Maximum Force Reading * This Maximum Reading Should Be Manually Recorded Prior To Resetting For The Next Test * Available With Either An Analog (dial) Readout Or A Digital (lcd) Readout * Choose Either 50 Lb. 100 Lb. 250 Lb. Or 500 Lb. Force Capacity Unit * Comes With 3 Push Pads (padded Curved Padded Straight And 1cm2 Circular) 1 Pull Hook And 1 Snap-lock Hook * Comes In Cushioned Carrying Case With Muscle Heat Test Manual * 1 Year Warranty * Ce Certified *

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