Reusable Electrodes Pack 4 1.25 Round Blue Jay Brand


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The Blue Jay Elite Healthcare Brand Of Peel ‘n’ Stik Deluxe Multi-use Reusable 1 Round Pack/4 Electrodes Are Of The Highest Quality Affordable Non-sterile Reusable And Self-adhering * Coated With Long-lasting And Reliable Gel These Powerful Electrodes Are Excellent Conductors Of Electric Current * Our Electrodes Are The Perfect Replacement Electrodes And Can Be Used With Most Tens Muscle Stims Ifc And Other Pain Relieving Devices * They Are Fda Approved Can Be Applied To All Contours Of The Human Body And Can Be Reused Between 8-10 Times * Each Pack Of Electrodes Comes With A Maintenance And Instruction Sheet * Latex-free *

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