Synchrosonic Combo Ultrasnd & Hi Volt Stim


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Unit * The Synchrosonic Us/752 Offers The Benefits Of Therapeutic Ultrasound And High Volt Muscle Stimulation For Muscle Rehabilitation Prevention Of Muscle Atrophy Pain Management And Edema Reduction * The Panel Design Of The Synchrosonic Us/752 Provides Simple Operation Of Ultrasound And High Volt Muscle Stimulation Separately Or In Combination Through The Ultrasound Transducer * The Practitioner Can Precisely Manage Treatment With A Selectable Frequency Range Selectable Independent On/off Surge Duration And Selectable Pulse Width * The Us/752 Produces Pulsation Tetanize Surge And Reciprocal Output * The Additional Benefit Of Bipolar Application Eliminates The Need For A Single Large Dispersive Electrode * Designed To Promote Patient Assurance The Treatment Stop Switch Allows The Patient To Discontinue Stimulator Output At The Press Of A Button * Soundhead Features And Options * All Amrex Ultrasound Transducers Are Lightweight Ergonomically Designed And Sealed For Underwater Therapy * Amrex Offers Two Soundhead Faceplate Sizes: The Standard 2.25 Diameter Faceplate Or The Optional Small 1.5 Diameter Faceplate * The Quickconnect Transducer Cable System Is Optional With The Standard Soundhead *it Is Provided With The Small Soundhead Or The Dual Standard/small Soundhead On All Amrex Ultrasound Equipment *

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