Take A Breath Nebulizer Compressor Kit By Blue Jay


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Converts Prescribed Medication Into An Aerosol Mist For Easy Inhalation * Small Size And Lightweight Design Make It Easy To Store And Transport * Easy Attachment/removal Of Tubing To Connector On The Top Of The Unit * Powerful High Nebulization Rate (greater Than Or Equal To 0.2 Ml/min.) * Efficient And Effective With Short Inhalation Time * Ultra-quiet Delivery * Compressor Nebulizer Comes With Adult Mask Mouthpiece T-piece Tubing 5 Filters * Simple One-button Operation * Filter Is Easy To Remove For Replacement Or Cleaning * 1 Year Warranty * Input: Ac 120 V 60 Hz * Extreme Pressure: > 205 Kpa * Medication Capacity: 6 Ml * Noise Level: Below 60 Db *

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