The Bedside Valet For Home Beds


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It Works By Securely Clamping Onto The Angle Iron Of The Bed Frame With An 8 Bracket And Tightened By Two Four Armed Handles: No Tools Required * 4 Adjustable Feet On The Floor Provide Unsurpassed Stability And Strength * Carpet Cleats Are Included * Promote Self Esteem By Enabling Independent Transfer * Minimize Risk Of Injury To Care Provider * 8 Mounting Bracket For Secure Installation * 4 Armed Handle For Easy Tightening * Solid Steel Tubing For Lasting Durability * 4 Easily Accessible Grasping Points For Convenient Use * Attractive Powder Coat Finish * Allows For Normal Bedding Drape * Adjustable To Fit Most Beds * 11 Wide Frame For 1 Or 2 Handed Use * No Open Spaces For Potential Injury *

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Weight 13.00 oz
Dimensions 9.00 × 7.00 × 5.00 in


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