Thermoskin Fxt Compression Socks (pair) X-small


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X-small Fits Men’s 4-5.5 And Women’s 5-6.5 Shoe Sizes * Active Compression Wear Assisting In The Prevention And Treatment Of Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain Heel Spurs And Arch Pain * Designed With Targeted Compression Zones And Silver Microbial Fibers The Thermoskin Fxt Compression Socks Provide Firm Support And Help Relieve The Heel Pain Associated With Plantar Fasciitis * How Thermoskin Fxt Compression Socks Help: – Medical Grade Compression To Unload Stress On The Plantar Fascia. – Arch Support And Elevation. – Compression On The Achilles Tendon. – Moisture Wicking Anti-odor And Anti-bacterial Properties. -all In One Design For Everyday And Active Wear.

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