Touchless Unisex Catheter Kit 14fr Vinyl W-1100cc Bag 50-cs


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Intermittent Catheter Kits Touchless Plus Vinyl Unisex 1100cc Collection Chamber No Accessories. * 14fr. * The Bard Touchless Plus Intermittent Catheter System Is A Closed System Kit Designed For Sterile Intermittent Catheterization And Offers A Pre-lubricated Catheter. * The Unique Closed System Helps To Reduce The Risk Of Urinary Tract Infections. * Advantages: Closed System Reduces The Risk Of Cross-contamination. * Pre-lubricated Catheter Reduces Discomfort During Insertion. * Provides Patient And Caregiver An Increased Level Of Control And Convenience.

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Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 15.00 × 13.00 × 7.00 in


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