Up Easy Lift Cushion (200-340 Lbs.)


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For Users 200-340 Lbs * Helps Keep People Active And Independent * Relieves Stress And Strain On Joints * Lifts Only As Needed Allowing Users To Maintain Muscular Strength * Folds Flat For Easy Transport * People Who Have Lost Sufficient Upper Or Lower Body Strength To Get Up Unassisted Can Benefit From Upeasy Lifting Cushion * Those Who Have Lost Mobility As A Result Of: Arthritis Parkinsons Muscular Dystrophy Als (lou Gehrigs Disease) Post-operative Conditions And Degenerative Joint Disease * Caregivers Who Need Help Transferring Patients Or Family Members * This Product Is Not Medicare Reimbursable * 1 Year Warranty

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Weight 8.00 oz
Dimensions 10.00 × 17.00 × 19.00 in



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