Ustim Muscle Stimulator (ems)


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Package Includes: Device Batteries Lead Wires 1 Pack Of 4 Electrodes Carrying Case And Users Manual * The Ustim Offers 12 Different Modes Which Allows It To Treat A Wide Spectrum Of Injuries * Belt Clip * Indications: Muscle Soreness Muscle Stiffness Arthritis Body Pain Post-op Pain Post-traumatic Acute Pain And Chronic Pain * Ems Stimulator U Stim With 12 Modes Is A Dual Channel Device For Muscle Exercise And Treatment Of Physical Injury * This Electrotherapy Equipment Has 12 Modes Of Operation That Are User Friendly And Written In Practical Terms * The Neuromuscular Stimulator Has Two Wave Forms And A Large Lcd Screen * The Interferential Unit Is By Far One Of The Best Portable Ems Unit On The Market * A Prescription From Your Physician Or Physical Therapist Is Required For This Device * Specifications: * Model : Ustim * Channel : Dual * Output : Maximum 120ma (peak Value) Across 500 Ohm Load * Pulse Width : From 50microsecond To 400microsecond In Steps Of 50microsecond * Pulse Rate : From 1 Hz To 150hz Adjustable * Waveform : Symmetrical Bi-phasic Rectangular:::alternately Bi-phasic Rectangular * Program : 21 Programs Are Available * 5-year Warranty.

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