Velcro Brand Hook 1 White Pressure Sensitive 25 Yards


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Velcro Brand’s Nylon Hook 88 Fasteners Are Woven With 6 Mil Monofilament And Are Binder Coated To Protect Against Fraying When Cut * Offers Excellent Durability And Has A High Cycle Life * The Rubber-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Is Designed For A Medium Temperature Range That Performs Well On Many Substrates Especially Uneven Or Rough Surfaces * Operating Temperature Range: -40 F To 120 F * Closure Shear Strength: 14.0 Psi * Closure Peel Strength: 1.2 Psi * Closure Tension Strength: 6.5 Psi

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Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 3.00 in



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