Walker Folding 2-button Youth W-5 Wheels Deluxe (drive)


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Easy Release * With 5 Wheels * (youth) Junior 25 – 32.25 * Easy Push-button Mechanisms May Be Operated By Fingers Palms Or Side Of Hand * Each Side Operates Independently To Allow Easy Movement Through Narrow Spaces And Greater Stability While Standing * Unique U-shape Frame Design Creates Greater Clearance * The Patient Is Able To Bring The Walker Closer To Assist In Standing * Sturdy 1 Diameter Anodized Extruded Aluminum Construction Ensures Maximum Strength While Remaining Lightweight * Vinyl Contoured Hand Grip For Added Comfort * Width: Inside Leg Part Is 20 And The Inside Hand Grip Is 17 . Limited Lifetime Warranty * Hcpcs Suggested Code: E0143 (for 1075c) * Weight Limit 350#

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Weight 26.60 oz
Dimensions 21.00 × 11.00 × 24.00 in



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